These current paths produce a low resistance connection via a contact disc, i.e. between static wheel set bearing housing and rotating wheel set axle. The current is only fed directly into the wheel set axle when suitable insulation of the wheel set is provided, a parallel current path is not permissible except where suitable protective resistors are available.

Due to the fact that wheel set roller bearings of electricity driven and externally supplied railway vehicles get damaged even with the flow of small electric current and necessitate a replacement of the bearings the application of frost ground contacts is recommended.

Threatening total breakdowns (e.g. parts overheating) are consequently avoided.

The high mileage of our Ground Contacts is based on the high manufacturing quality as well as regular services.

The following service activities can be quoted:

  • Preventative Maintenance including general inspection
  • Function test and check of the components including acceptance certificate and warranty
  • Provision of replacement contacts can be agreed to
  • Elaboration of mounting proposals, manufacturing of ground contacts for trials, attendance and supervision of tests on site.