Third Rail Current Collectors

Austbreck offer complete solutions for low level current collectors (shoegear) which are based on complete systems knowledge, engineering expertise and extensive experience, this covers design, manufacture, supply and installation.

Selection of the right collector/rail combination plays an important part in the achievement of good current collection and Austbreck is the only company that specialises in supply and design of these interface products. In general, the following parameters are used to assure optimum performance in all applications:

  • Minimum Dynamic Mass
  • Minimum Friction
  • Frangible Construction


  • High traction power efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced arc damage at the working interface
  • Maximum life of wearing components on both sides of the working interface (conductor rail and shoe)
  • Reduced electrical interference to auxiliary signalling and communications equipment

Types of Third Rail collector

  1. Under Running Conductor Rail type – Spring or air actuated
  2. Top Running Conductor Rail type – Spring assisted, gravity type, Non-retractable
  3. Top Running Conductor Rail type – Spring applied conductor show – Air lowered, spring retractable

Depot Overhead Tow Trolley Systems

We produce a range of safe and rugged depot electrification equipment. Systems may be installed at roof level or low level according to the customer requirement and can incorporate pull-out safety connectors to prevent damage or danger, in the event of accidental misuse.


A complete system comprises of three major elements:

  • Trolley
  • Conductor system
  • Trolley running rail


We ensure that all of the requirements of a tow trolley design have been engineered to satisfy the specialist needs.

  • High power available
  • Robust design
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Single and double connector trolleys available
  • Safety achieved with cable connectors inside the GRP Covers
  • Fused Auxiliary trolleys and unfused power trolleys available
  • Tow rope attachment designed to provide efficient towing without the trolley jamming
  • Easy running trolley.