Motor- and spring-driven cable reels are designed for the power supply to movable machines. Main factors are travel distance and speed, as well as the required power supply of the movable machine.

Special designs and the required accessories are innovatively produced by Austbreck/Stemmann-Technik, corresponding to the customer’s requests.

Spring Cable Reels

Spring cable reels serve for the controlled reeling on and off of cables, hoses or ropes – mainly for cranes, stacking devices or in waste water technology. Driven by means of spiral leaf springs they present a well priced alternative with regard to the motor-driven cable reels – especially for movable devices without internal power supply.

Motor Cable Reels

Drives, supply and control units on crane systems have to be reliably fed via energy and control cables. We offer high quality solutions, for the Harbour cranes and mining industry. The extreme requirements of the mining industry have been met by Stemmann-Technik in Europe, for more then 50 years and in Australia since the mid-seventies.