Our Stemmann standardised or custom made Conductor Lines provide continuous power and / or data transfer for a variety of applications. Together with the corresponding current collectors, an extensive number of accessories for installation, connection, as well as cables and terminal boxes, we offer a complete package if desired. Application ranges for Conductor Lines, among others, can be found in the following areas:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Gantry cranes (Electrification of RTG’s)
  • High rack warehouses
  • Materials handling
  • Monorail (single-rail-railway)
  • Transport systems, including such applications as window cleaning systems for large buildings
  • Data transmission, control signals
  • Workshop equipment

The Stemmann Conductor Line (SCL) with PVC housing is the most commonly used system; for temperatures from -30°C up to 70°C and 660V/140A (200A at 80% Duty Cycle). The Aluminium version (SACL) can handle up to 100°C (short term 140°C) and 500V/280A.

Ask for the product flyer and you will get the details at a glance, including those of the Stemmann Insulated Conductor Line (SICL) system, where each (copper) bar is insulated. Curved sections or circles (slip ring version) are also possible.

Open Conductor Lines are another specialty, for Amps up to 2,150 and temperatures till 350°C. For harsh environments and lasting performance, in such areas as quarries, mining and steel mills.